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Culture of the vine

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Culture of the vine

The vineyard

The birth of the Domaine

It is the story of a meeting, that of two men united by an exceptional terroir and sharing the same passion for wine, who decide one day to create: the Domaine Garde. Perpetuate the spirit of tradition, its values of conviviality and high standards. In a word, to share the culture of the vine, such is the philosophy of their work.

David Garde

A savvy entrepreneur whose success owes nothing to luck, David Garde was born in 1972. This colourful, fine gastronome and passionate oenophile from Lyon put his knowledge at the service of quality work. Owner and spokesperson of the field, he uses his experience as a businessman to spread the production, and thus ensure the development.

Frédéric Bonnepart

Frédéric Bonnepart was born in 1974, the son of a winemaking nurseryman, holder of a BEPA and a BTA viticulture oenology. He has always lived in Theizé, in the heart of the vineyard, where he has operated the Domaine des Pérelles for 20 years. His excellent technical mastery and intimate knowledge of the terroir bring to the Domaine Garde all the rigor and know-how necessary for the design of the wines of the estate.

Rencontre au domaine Garde

Ambition beautiful

What we are looking for with Frédéric is to make a wine that each year will express the best of the terroir, the grape variety, the sunshine. Making the perfect blend, the ideal aging, is our ambition, to produce wines that we remember. Leave a beautiful imprint of our passage on earth…

Theizé or the sweetness of living

When David Garde discovers the hillside village of Theizé in the heart of the vineyards, he is immediately captivated by the beauty of its old golden stone houses in perfect harmony with the landscape. I felt like I belonged to this land, I had finally arrived home”, he continues to wonder.

Place du village
Château du terroir

An exceptional land

Historically attached to Greater Burgundy, Theizé is part of the 42 communes of Beaujolais that benefit from the Burgundy appellation. The composition of the soils, mainly clay-limestone is indeed similar to that of the major Burgundy appellations. The golden stone stores the heat and diffuses it, bringing more balance to the vineyard throughout the year.

The king's choice

While the vineyard of the commune is mainly planted with Gamay and Pinot intended to produce red wines, the Domaine Garde produces excellent white wines, with a grape variety perfectly adapted to the nature of the soil: Chardonnay. Of noble lineage, it allows to obtain infinite nuances of tastes, aromatic palettes: all the object of the white Burgundy of the domain.

Our vineyards

The estate exploits two very beautiful plots: Morguières, and Garenne, facing south and south-east that allow to obtain different juices for the elaboration of the two cuvées. Still abandoned in 2007, they were initially planted in Gamay and underwent a complete restructuring, training, replanting, etc. It is a terroir that has always been dedicated to the cultivation of vines, as evidenced by the presence of an ancient cadole of winemakers. The red vines are planted on the same plot and enjoy the same conditions of sunshine and soil richness as the whites.

Maintenance des vignes
Cadoles de vignes
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