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Culture of the vine

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Domain Garde
Culture of the vine

A family estate and exceptional wines

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The story of a meeting...

…That of two men united by an exceptional terroir and sharing the same passion for wine. That of two pioneers who seek to open other paths while respecting traditions. That of two lovers of strong and sincere relationships, good doing and good living.

A rich land

When David discovers Theizé, he is immediately conquered by the beauty of his old golden stone houses in perfect harmony with the landscape. Perched on a hill, located in the heart of the vineyards on a land of audacity and passion, this village has everything to inspire it. He feels it, it is there that he must settle down, it is there that he can really cultivate his love of the vine and wine, and give free rein to his ideas.

I felt like I belonged to this land, I had finally arrived home.

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To be enjoyed with tasty cuisine in a prestigious setting, you can fully appreciate the many nuances. From the most delicate aromas to the most subtle tastes, our whole universe will reveal itself to you.

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Our exceptional wines

They talk about us

Wood and wine dialogue

Tonnellerie rousseau

Tonnellerie Rousseau is first and foremost a family affair. Several generations have followed one another since 1954. Today, it is run by brothers Jean-Christophe and Frédéric Rousseau.

Today, it is run by brothers Jean-Christophe and Frédéric Rousseau. It is also a story of passions, those of wood and exceptional wines. Wood, because this living material, generous, whole, expresses a character and tells a whole story.

Wine, because the cooper is the first oenologist of a cuvée. In dialogue with the winemaker and the owner, he gives the first notes. Together, they imagine a path and it is he who opens the way.

Fût de chêne du domaine garde pour des vins d'exception

"When you hear the wood cracking, it sometimes feels like he’s crying, sometimes he’s singing… the wood always has something to tell us."

Bouchon de bouteille
Photo par RTBF

The wine breathes

Nomacorc bouchon

Not to forbid anything, this is also the pioneering spirit. So why not replace the traditional corks with Normacore corks. These corks have such qualities! First, they offer more aeration to exceptional wines once in the bottle. It can quietly continue to improve while maintaining its freshness.

Then, no more clogged wine problems… and wasted evening!

Finally, made of recycled sugar cane fiber, they help protect our environment and we can also be proud of that.


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